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Have you considered exposed for your next project?

Whether you are a professional concretor or working on a DIY project at home, Cordwells is committed to providing the highest quality and standards to meet and exceed all your needs and expectations Do you want a surface that is hard wearing and different? Exposed decorative concrete will give you this, without a lifetime of maintenance.

Does exposed concrete create a natural stone look?

We have on display some base samples of exposed aggregates. These provide limitless design possibilities with the array of exposure depths and coloured aggregates available. With the flexibility to mix all styles of colours and aggregates, exposed concrete creates a seamless transition from outside to inside of your home.

After the concretor has finished the pour, will you need to call another tradesman to complete the job?

No need, only the concretor is required. The exposed finish is achieved by your concretor working on the concrete while it is still wet, within a few days of concrete placement.

If you are interested in exposed, ask for more details when we return to your call. We will provide you with personal service, assistance with your designs, and ensure highly consistent mixes every time.

Coloured Concrete

With over 60 standard colours, it makes it easy to colour-match any Colorbond fence, gutter or roofing colours.

 Is the whole slab coloured?

When concrete is coloured the colour permeates all the way through the concrete. If there were ever any damage to the surface, it would not be obvious. Our coloured concretes are low maintenance and the colour is fade resistant to weather and sun including ultraviolet light (UV).



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You don’t have to be a Ninja to know the quality of Concrete, Aggregates and soil.

Thats our Job!!!!

 QCTesting is able to do a large range of tests on Concrete, Aggregates and Soil. So if you need to know quality or it needs to be tested, just ask us.