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Decorative Concretes 

  • Offers a durable pleasing alternative to not only plain concrete but loose gravel on the driveways, footpaths, town centres, pedestrian zones, pavements, patios, retail and commercial areas.
  • There are a wide range of colours and textures/ finishes available for concrete, offering the designer a multitude of combinations.
  • Decorative concretes complement or contrast the surrounding landscapes, looks great, is low maintenance and economical; making it very practical.
  • Browse through our different aggregates (natural or coloured river stones or crushed quarry stones) and be amazed at the variety of colours available in the colour chart.
  • Superior Industry Knowledge as we have been around for 50 years+

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How is the Exposed Aggregate Textured Created?

It is the depth of exposure, the aggregate size and colour can be tailored to your individual requirements. Under normal circumstances, the surface of the aggregates cannot be seen as they are embedded within the concrete. It is with the removal before it hardens that the top aggregate layer underneath is revealed. The depth of etch or exposure can be controlled to achieve different surface appearances.