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Cordwells supplies a large range of services. Our products and related work are either standard specifications or to suit individual clients requirements.

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the Beginning

In 1965 Vic Cordwell established Cordwells Concrete after many years in the sand and gravel industry. Operating from what now seems a primitive plant on Dunethin Rock Road, Yandina, he manufactured a range of mixed concretes as well as supplying associated products.

Having outgrown these premises in 1972, he moved to the present premises southern side of Yandina. The service road is now called Cordwells Road in honor of the contribution Vic Cordwell made to the building industry, and to the community. The new plant had a greater capacity, was modern, and employed six staff.

Following his death in 1988, his son, son’s wife and grandsons continue to operate the business with the dedication to service and quality for which Vic was renowned. This dedication to constant improvement, the best possible service and staff involvement has ensured a constant growth of satisfied customers. Today Cordwells Concrete 4th generation helps run the business and it has expanded and grown to employ more staff.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

Colin Powell

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